Gästinlägg - Hur jag läkte min hormonella akne

Guest Post - How I Healed My Hormonal Acne

In this post I tell you about my journey with hormonal acne.

During a stressful period with a lot of change, my skin responded in the form of boils & inflammation. A combination of little sleep, bad eating habits & a lot of cortisol threw the hormones out of balance.

At first I tried strong products to help "dry out the boils", before I realized that the cause was the inflammation inside the body.

What I did to balance my hormones and thus heal the acne:

- Started eating a more anti-inflammatory diet. Reduced processed food and focused on meals with a wide variety of colors of flavors. In this way, I got all my nutrition through my diet and could exclude nutritional supplements in the form of vitamins.

- Hormone harmony. In the evenings, I love to drink a cup of tea with a teaspoon of the mix in. It gives me evening peace and helps me sleep better.

- Instead of high-intensity training, I started introducing more low-intensity sessions - such as yoga, pilates, walking. Also add more rest days, for recovery.

- I started meditating to find inner peace and unwind.

- Started with simple, barrier-strengthening skin care and ended with strong acids. The acne made my skin very sensitive, so kind products with lots of moisture worked wonders.

Before/after pictures

Note that the post is only personal experience. Contact your doctor if you need advice.

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