Så hjälpte Superfood Maria att läka inifrån - 5 hälsotips

How Superfood helped Maria heal from the inside - 5 health tips

Since ten years ago, Maria Segergren has had problems with her thyroid gland and takes medication for hypothyroidism. A commonly occurring diagnosis thatamong other things affects the metabolism in the bodyand treated with Levaxin.

- I have always stressed a lot, which is one of the reasons why I had problems with the thyroid gland, says Maria.

In addition to that, Maria also developed urethritis, a painful inflammation of the urethra, as well as Raynaud's syndrome, which in turn isan intractable and relatively unknown symptom complex characterized by episodic attacks of pale, cold fingers or toes, often accompanied by redness, swelling and throbbing pain. In Maria's case, the pain wasrecurring and persistent.

- When it was at its worst, I couldn't do anything, says Maria.

- I wasn't mentally present. I was just in constant pain.

Something that can best be described as mental torture. When the pain escalated over the course of a year, Maria began to think about taking sick leave.

-When no one has an answer. There is like nothing worse, she says.

The orc was starting to run out. Not least because the few forms of treatment that were available were few and physically demanding.

The turning point came one sleepless night when Maria read about a woman in the United States. By replacing meat, fish, gluten and refined sugar with fruit and vegetables, she had her life back.Maria decided to test. It was the beginning of the journey of change that would lead to her passion projectSuperfood & berries superfood in powder formm.

What exactly is a Superfood??

Superfood is a collective name for extremely nutritious food rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. Much of what we eat today consists ofsemi-finished products and hidden additives that affect and burden the body's organs in a negative way. It also requires a lot of basic knowledge to be able to find the right food on the shelf in everyday life.

With Superfood & berries, Maria and her partner Peter have developed a series of organic ones superfoods in powder form that you easily mix into smoothies, bowls and sauces. Extremely nutritious products that in various ways have a strong, healing ability, which she hopes more people will discover.She talks about people she comes across in various support and help groups for urethritis, who, like her, have had difficulty getting help and relief.

- When it comes to this chronic, long-term problem, it is very difficult to get the help you need, she says.

Naturally healing from within

The idea with Superfood & berries is that it should be easy to put together the various products based on your own needs, so that you can easily give the body the nutrition and help it needs and also cut down on medications in the long term. To develop the various products in the range, Maria has started from her own needs, read and experimented.

- I have developed much of it because I myself need it, she says.

- The theory behind this natural healing is that the body has been burdened by different things based on how we live.

Part of that process is therefore to review the whole. For Maria, it became the path to healing.

- And it's both emotional and dietary, what you put in you and then the lifestyle, says Maria.

She understands that many people may initially feel stressed about excluding parts of the diet and emphasizes that it is a process of adjustment. She herself now eats a completely vegan diet with a focus on fruit, vegetables, Superfood & berries and plenty of fluids. She has previously opted out of gluten, dairy products and refined sugar.

- The positive thing about this, as I can say from where I stand now, is that I have certainly removed some, but also found a whole series of fantastic dishes, so I am missing nothing today, says Maria.

As a result of these changes, Maria is doing well today, all the pain is gone and she has no symptoms of urethritis and has also been able to reduce the dose of Levaxin by over three quarters. Health gains that convinced her that many others could also heal naturally.

The point here is to be able to spread the message that the body has a strong ability to fix and heal itself, if you give it the right conditions, concludes Maria.

Maria's 5 best tips for better health

  1. Make the most of fruit and vegetables in the colors of the rainbow.
  2. Supplement your diet with Superfood that strengthens and heals.
  3. Drink plenty of fluids.
  4. Invest in pure foods without additives
  5. Feel free to completely remove or reduce gluten, dairy products and sugar

Do you want to know more about superfoods? Read more about Superfood & berries here!

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