Charmen med tarmen, hur Felicia läkte sin tarm med ren mat och Superfood!

The charm of the gut, how Felicia healed her gut with clean food and Superfood!

For many, problems with the stomach are an everyday occurrence and something most people think they simply have to live with. It doesn't necessarily have to be that way.

Join me on my journey from having constant urgent toilet visits, stomach pain and bloating to being able to eat most things today and having a nice intestinal balance. 

How it all began

It started with me ignoring what I put into myself for a long time, it was a stressful period in my life and I was just then grateful for what I actually managed to get in. It would go quickly, so most things were unfortunately not prepared from scratch. I ended up with stomach cramps every day as soon as I ate and I became tired and hangry. 

The turn and the change

One day I had enough, it took at least 2-3 omeprazole a day for my stomach to even digest the food. It wasn't sustainable and I needed a change. After much searching, I actually found home. To introduce a lot of fiber in the diet, exclude gluten, dairy and also sugar. I also had to boil or steam all the vegetables for the first few weeks to keep my stomach going. I also ate a lot of kimchi and sauerkraut, but I also drank both purchased komucha and made my own. Kombucha is not for everyone, nor should you drink too much of it. But for me it was an incredible lift and something I treated myself to once a week to boost my bowels. I also started to introducesuper food and digestive enzymes that were perfect for me and my needs. 

The superfood I added to my diet makes my stomach feel better than ever and is much more resilient:

Belly Boost as you hear only through the name, boosts the stomach with benefits, oh what I think of this product. It's no wonder it's superfood and berry's best seller and that there were daily questions about when Belly Boost will be back in stock when it ran out. It saves my stomach and I will never stop using it!

Detox Deluxe which helps me get the necessary vitamins and minerals found in the algae. After taking Detox Deluxe every day for almost 12 weeks, not only has my stomach felt better, but my skin too! It has so much more luster than it had before. 

Hormone Harmony is also a really important product in the body's internal healing. I have also had hormonal imbalances as a side effect of my deteriorating gut health and nutritional deficiencies. Hormone Harmony has been boosted with important nutrients for fertility and the normal functioning of hormones. With Hormone Harmony, my nails have also become thicker and my hair has gotten better quality! 

Introduce the old eating habit

After about four weeks with this new dietary change, I ended up at a party where both the sandwich cake, the coffee and the coffee would previously have caused my stomach to completely surrender. But as it slowly began to heal, I was actually able to eat and drink what was offered at the party without any stomach cramps. It was the first time in years that it went so well. I didn't feel completely well after that meal though and it's not tempting to do it again, but I know now that if I have to eat something like that again, I'll fix it.


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