Acerola is an evergreen small tree that produces large amounts of small juicy stone fruits. The tree occurs naturally in tropical places around the world such as. South America and India.

Why Acerola?

The acerola fruit is extremely rich in vitamins and at the same time contains large amounts of magnesium, potassium, vitamin B-5 and vitamin A. But not only that, the acerola fruit is also considered to be one of the fruits that contains the most vitamin C in the world.

How do you use Acerola?

For us, it was a matter of course that we would use the acerola fruit in our superfood mix Health Haven. This is because we wanted to create a product that could help maintain a strong immune system, counteract inflammation and at the same time be able to have a normal blood pressure.

If you feel a little unwell or have a cold, it is a vitamin boost that applies. And what better way than to try to help support your body with helpful and naturally occurring vitamins in the form of e.g. Acerola.

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