Chokladmousse med avokado

Chocolate mousse with avocado

Kick off the new year with a delicious New Year's dessert! Our Chocolate Avocado Mousse is the perfect way to end the year with an explosion of flavor. Follow the quick steps for a festive and healthy treat that will wow your taste buds.


Do this:

  1. Scoop out the ripe avocado flesh and put it in a blender.
  2. Blend the avocado into a smooth puree to create a creamy base.
  3. Add the other ingredients to the mixer.
  4. Start with a smaller amount of cocoa than 0.5 dl and taste to adjust the cocoa strength.
  5. Run the blender until all the ingredients are well mixed and the puree has a smooth consistency.
  6. Top with berries or fruits of your choice!
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